Vassiliko Cement may take RDF waste

Vassiliko Cement may take RDF waste
22 January 2020

Vassiliko Cement is being viewed as an option for RDF waste disposal by the Pentakomo waste treatment plant in Cyprus. The waste treatment plant is currently sending RDF to landfill as it has not been able to find a buyer for the product.

Technical experts at Jasper, a technical assistance group that supports countries applying for co-funded projects to the EU, have been called in to find a solution. The two options are either to build a unit to produce electricity from the RDF near the waste treatment plant or to offer Vassiliko Cement the option to buy 30 per cent of the RDF for a six-month period. A final decision will be made in February.

"If Jaspers tells us that this proposal is either not feasible, presents shortcomings or is financially or technologically not feasible that chapter will close and we will move on either to the solution offered by the Vassilikos (cement factory) or other solutions," said Costas Kadis, agriculture minister.

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