VDZ releases new decarbonisation 2050 roadmap for German cement sector

VDZ releases new decarbonisation 2050 roadmap for German cement sector
04 December 2020

VDZ has released a new  study, "Decarbonising cement and concrete: A CO2 roadmap for the German cement industry.” The study shows possible ways of mastering this transformation by the year 2050. It advocates a completely new approach to the production of cement and its use in concrete is needed to achieve full climate neutrality. 

"We are well aware of our responsibility, and the industry in Germany is willing to make its contribution towards achieving climate neutrality in the future," says Christian Knell, president of the German Cement Works Association (VDZ). 

The CO2 roadmap clearly shows that a completely new approach to manufacturing and value creation will be required to master the challenge of climate-neutral industrial production. "We in the cement industry are prepared to pursue this course, but it is clear that we cannot achieve this alone," stresses VDZ President Knell. It will require the cooperation of the entire value chain from equipment suppliers and concrete manufacturers right through to the building industry, designers and architects. "Ultimately, it will also depend on the commitment of other industries, policy-makers and society in general, as only through concerted action will it be possible to make a success of this transformation process," Mr Knell continues.

The study identifies a number of central areas of activity as prerequisites for successful decarbonisation. For example, an effective policy framework which would guarantee the international competitiveness and the position of the German cement manufacturers at the cutting edge of technology while at the same time promoting innovation and markets for ‘green’ products. In technical terms, the creation and operation of the necessary infrastructure – for a widespread renewable power supply and the transportation of CO2 and hydrogen, for example – will also be of great significance.  

"Alongside the technical and economic aspects of decarbonisation, another essential factor will be to involve society as a whole in this process right from an early stage," emphasises VDZ CEO, Martin Schneider. 

"We have placed the decarbonisation of cement and concrete at the heart of our activities. It will be essential to achieve an integrated approach, incorporating the entire construction value chain."

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