Saudi Arabian cement sales decline in September

Saudi Arabian cement sales decline in September
07 October 2021

The aggregate sales of 17 Saudi cement producers decreased by 11 per cent to 4.1Mt in September, from 4.6Mt in the same month last year, according to recent data issued by Yamama Cement Co.

In terms of local sales, 12 companies witnessed a sales drop, led by Northern Region Cement Co with 45 per cent YoY. There were declines as well for Al-Jouf Cement Co and Umm Al-Qura Cement with -34 and -28 per cent YoY, respectively. Sales of United Cement Co remained unchanged at 141Mt.

However, increased sales were recorded by Riyadh Cement Co and Yamama Cement Co, which rose by 27 and 18 per cent YoY, respectively. Qassim Cement Co took the third place with a rise of five per cent YoY, followed by Arabian Cement Co, up two per cent YoY.

Five companies exported 82,000t of cement in September. Saudi Cement Co led the way with 65,000t of exports.

Clinker production grew by 23 per cent to 4.73Mt in the same month, compared to 3.85Mt a year earlier. Clinker inventories dropped 14 per cent to 34.55Mt by September-end, down from 40.13Mt a year earlier. 

Six companies exported clinker in September. Saudi Cement came on top with 183,000t of exports. It was followed by Arabian Cement and Yanbu Cement with 146,000t, and 41,000t, respectively.

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