JK Cement looks to scale up biomass use with new MoU

JK Cement looks to scale up biomass use with new MoU
25 October 2021

India’s JK Cement has announced the signing of a long-term Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Punjab Renewable Energy Systems (PRES), the country’s largest biomass aggregation and densification company.

The MoU, valid for 10 years, is part of JK Cement’s endeavour to decarbonise its operations, as it aims to significantly scale-up the use of biomass and other alternative fuels.

"We are delighted to enter into a long-term partnership with PRES. Long-term planning for supply of biomass and agro-waste is key to our sustainability goals, where we have taken the ambitious target of reducing current emissions from 593kg/t of cementitious product in FY20 by more than 20 per cent until FY30. This will support us in replacing our fossil fuel consumption by more than 35 per cent TSR by 2030, thereby leading to our significant milestone of being net-zero in carbon emissions by 2050," said Colonel Rajnish Kapur, COO of JK Cement.

Col. Rajnish Kapur, COO, JK Cement Ltd and Col. Rohit Dev, COO, PRESPL, at the MoU signing ceremony

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