Holcim and Bloomberg launch 'Circular cities Barometer'

Holcim and Bloomberg launch 'Circular cities Barometer'
29 April 2022

As part of their partnership, Holcim and Bloomberg Media have launched the “Circular Cities Barometer” to understand how cities are leading the shift to circular living for a sustainable future. 

Jan Jenisch, Holcim CEO: “Circular economy is a key element to stay within our planet's boundaries and get serious about climate action. With our world’s rapid urbanisation, cities are at the center of this shift from a linear ‘take-make-waste’ economy to a circular ‘reduce-reuse-recycle’ one. This Barometer, developed in partnership with Bloomberg Media, gives us unique insights into what the most innovative circular cities around the world are doing to accelerate this shift. I’m excited to learn about these best practices, so that we can all play our part to fast-track the transition to circular living.” 

Using a proprietary algorithm, the Circular Cities Barometer measures the transition of 25 cities from a linear to a circular economy representing all global regions. They were scored on a dozen circularity indicators measuring circular buildings, circular systems, circular living and circular leadership.  

The Barometer’s first findings were unveiled on 27 April 2022, at the Bloomberg Green Summit.

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