Holcim invests in Blue Planet Systems Corp

Holcim invests in Blue Planet Systems Corp
17 June 2022

Holcim has announced its financial investment in Blue Planet Systems Corporation, a US-based start-up whose patented mineralisation technology is a unique scalable method for capturing and permanently sequestering millions of tonnes of CO2

Blue Planet claims its technology permanently locks up to 440kg of CO2 into every tonne of synthetic aggregate it produces, opening the pathway to carbon-negative concrete. The investment adds to Holcim’s portfolio of over 30 carbon capture, utilisation and storage projects around the world. 

Toufic Tabbara, Holcim's region head North America, commented: “I’m excited to add Blue Planet’s permanent carbon capture solution to the growing range of next-generation technologies that can accelerate our net-zero journey beyond 2030. Blue Planet’s unique solution has the potential to be deployed at large scale across our cement, aggregate and concrete operations to enable carbon-negative concrete, paving the way for net-zero building.” 

Brent R Constantz, CEO at Blue Planet, said: “Our technology can have a huge impact on lowering the embodied carbon in concrete. Collaborating with Holcim enables us to apply our carbon mineralization technology to large-scale operations where we expect it will more squarely address CO2 emissions.” 

The two companies will now begin a multi-year strategic collaboration to identify how and where the  mineralisation technology can be applied across Holcim’s operations. The collaboration will begin in North America, with the potential to expand to other Holcim facilities around the world. 

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