CPI EuroMix supports forestry initiative

CPI EuroMix supports forestry initiative
01 July 2022

UK-based dry silo mortar producer CPI EuroMix is participating in a carbon-friendly forestry initiative as part of its sustainability commitment. The company is supporting the planting and maintenance of around 30ha of woodland with 80,000 trees at Corwar foresty, Dumfries, Scotland. The scheme, which is operated in conjunction with Potanow Forestry and Tilhill Forestry, is expected to sequester an estimated 5000t of carbon over the next 40 years – equivalent to more than one year's deliveries to customer sites by CPI EuroMix.

"Regrettably, there are currently no readily available low-carbon alternatives for our bulk deliveries to customer sites," said Tony O'Sullivan, CPE EuroMix. "However, we recognised that we needed an alternative mitigation strategy – to do nothing was not an option. We believe the Corwar forestry scheme meets those requirements. Such initiatives are essential to achieving a sustainable, low-carbon construction industry in the UK."

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