Institut Semen dan Beton Indonesia becomes an Affiliate Member of WCA

Institut Semen dan Beton Indonesia becomes an Affiliate Member of WCA
01 September 2023

The World Cement Association (WCA) announced it is welcoming the Jakarta-based engineering specialist and industrial research consultancy firm, Institut Semen dan Beton Indonesia (ISBI), as an Affiliate Member. 

Institut Semen dan Beton Indonesia, also known as the Indonesian Cement and Concrete Institute, has provided engineering training and consulting within the cement industry as well as the nickel, steel, power generation and mining sectors, for over 20 years.

ISBI’s team includes industrial researchers, engineering consultant specialists, mechanical and electrical service implementation contractors to repair mechanical and construction equipment, as well as technology instructors and educators. 

The company offers training on operations, maintenance, and industrial processes, as well as human resource development. Since 2009, it has also expanded its offering to accommodate the oil industry’s growing demand for safety training. 

"WCA is further expanding its involvement with industry players operating in emerging economies, particularly in Indonesia which is one of the world’s largest cement markets. We are therefore looking forward to welcoming ISBI to our network as an Affiliate Member, and the valuable contributions that they’ll bring," states WCA's CEO, Ian Riley.

"We are thrilled to become a part of the World Cement Association. We have a mutual goal of improving the sector’s profitability and especially look forward to sharing our own insights among the association’s forums on innovative technologies and strategies which will help achieve these outcomes," said Irianto Oetomo Maruwi, director of ISBI.

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