Indonesia Country Report 2023

This 56-page report by ICR Research presents a comprehensive review of the cement sector in Indonesia, offering a commentary on the drivers of cement consumption, analysis of company strategies and performance, as well as a fully-updated review of supply-side developments. Sector forecasts and scenario analysis cover the period up to 2018E-2023.

Indonesia Country Report 2023

Indonesia, the largest economy in southeast Asia, has an attractive growth market with a young and dynamic population and is ranked as the fifth-largest consumer of cement in the world, behind Turkey and ahead of neighbouring Vietnam.

Previously targeted by the major world cement players and enjoying high levels of domestic and regional investment, the country’s cement industry is expected to continue to grow over the next five years, after a slowdown between 2013 and 2016.

The Indonesia Country Report 2023 identifies the main players and presents a detailed analysis of their performances and how the arrival of new entrants has intensified competition, resulting in major changes to industry structure which continue to be played out.

Key data and information provided by this report includes:
•    Industry statistics incl. production, consumption and trade volumes
•    List of individual plant capacities
•    Supply-demand analysis
•    Cement trade & distribution
•    Review of planned new capacity
•    Sector outlook and SWOT analysis
•    Five-year demand forecasts (2018E-2023)
•    Detailed pricing survey and forecasts
•    Illustrated with maps and charts

The report also examines new cement capacity that is expected to be commissioned over the next five years, and how this will impact on industry utilisation, pricing and profitability going forward.

Alongside comprehensive industry survey and expert commentary, this report offers essential datasets, including detailed pricing surveys conducted exclusively by ICR Research.

 Table of contents  

1  Executive Summary

2  The Indonesian Economy
Historical performance
Key economic data
Recent trends
Construction sector
Major projects

3  Cement Demand
Cement consumption
Regional breakdown
Demand segments
Bagged versus bulk
Secondary and retail markets
Key products in the market 


4  Cement Supply
Major producers in Indonesia
Other players
New capacity, announced and under construction
Regional cement market
First half 2018 review
Integrated and grinding plants operating
  in Indonesia in 2018
Cement and clinker production and cement
  capacity utilisation
Cement and clinker exports
Cement and clinker imports
5  Cement Distribution
Cement prices
Market shares

6  Sector Outlook
Economy and demographics
Real estate and housing construction
Demand prospects
New capacity and the supply-demand balance
Supply-demand scenarios
Potential M&A activity, risks and threats

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