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Clyde Materials Handling Ltd The Clyde Minerals Division of Clyde Materials Handling provides low energy, low maintenance, and environmentally enhancing solutions for the material handling requirements of customers in process-based manufacturing environments such as cement. Clyde Materials Handling specialises in providing dense phase pneumatic conveying and pneumatic dosing/injection solutions that strive to reduce energy and maintenance costs, reduce the emission of dust and harmful pollutants while helping their customers to improve productivity. Savings of over 50% of operational costs can result by switching over from traditional screw pump technologies, on a typical 120tph cement mill conveying line, which can equate to over £200,000 per year/per line. With more than 30 years of experience in developing and implementing customised solutions for the cement industry, Clyde Materials Handling has become an internationally recognised leader in two core technologies: dense phase pneumatic conveying and pneumatic dosing/injection. Clyde Materials Handling has a strong heritage in providing dense phase pneumatic conveying and pneumatic dosing/injection solutions, with over 100 systems installed all adding value to the cement market. This year, following an extensive cement materials development program, Clyde Materials Handling has enhanced its existing range of dense phase pneumatic conveying solutions to ensure even greater energy savings and operational efficiencies can be generated for the cement market.

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