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Prakash Piston PRAKASH PISTON, “VIJAY VILLA “ OPP: BOMBAY HOTEL GONDAL ROAD RAJKOT 360002 STATE: GUJARAT, INDIA. E MAIL: Alternate E-MAIL Phone No: +91-0281-2461851 cell no: 09428201473 This is to introduce ourselves as a leading manufacturer of Aluminum Pistons for internal combustion engines Marine and compressors with diameter from 50mm to 350mm.Since its foundation 1960, Prakash piston has become the leading enterprise at an international level. Prakash Piston develops designs and manufactures precision, functional and critical components for motor vehicle & engine assembly industries. Prakash Piston supplies to the Original equipment and replacement parts markets in all over world i.e. America, South America, England, Germany, Greece, Gulf country UAE, Africa and many other parts of the Globe. State of the art Large Bore Pistons for Diesel Engines and Compressors in the diameter range form 50 mm to 350mm dia. These are supplied in one-or two piece configuration Composite pistons (Steel Crown -Aluminum Skirt) made of Forged Steel & Aluminum. Pistons with cooled Gallery, Alfin & Double Alfin, Having comprehensive range of products Prakash Piston is in a position to offer its customers optimally designed solutions for any requirement as per Drawing and Sample. Prakash Piston has manufactured Spares such as Cy Head parts i.e. Valves, Valves with Satellite, Valve Guide, Valve Seat Ring –with satellite; Valve Roto-Cap, Roto Mat, can supply Nozzles, Plunger, Delivery Valves; Air Starting Valves; High pressure Pipes; Copper Pickings; Rocker Arm T; Rocker Arm Bushes; Cy-Liners; Gudgeon Pin; Cr Bearings; Thrust Bearings; Main Bearings; Hatch Covers; Rubber Packing; Expansion Bellows; Special Steel Studs etc… Prakash Piston have developed Pistons and spares for ALLEN, BLACKSTONE;BERGEN, CUMMINS, CATERPILLAR, KHD-DEUTZ, DAIHATSU, FIAT;FRICHS, FUJI, KELVIN, KOMATSU, MIRRLESS, MAK, MAN, MWM, MITSUBISHI;NOHAB, NIGATA, NORDBERG,;PERKINS, ROLLS ROYES,RUSSIANRUSKY, SKL, SKODA, SAAB, SCANIA, SULZER, S.E.M.T PIELSTICK, VOLVO, WAUKESHA, WARTSHILA, YANMAR. Moreover Compressor Pistons for ATLAS COPCO, HATLAPA, TANABEE, SPERRE, HAMWORTHY, KHOSLA, INGIERSOL-REND has also been developed. Great importance is attached to the research and development work, which is carried out in close conjunction with the customers. The objective here is quickly to find and optimize technical solutions to the problems encountered by the customer. Modern production equipment such as CNC controlled machining installations and electronic inspiration devices guarantee continuous production with high quality standards for all Prakash Piston products. Prakash Piston have cater its products to Government & Semi Government, Public sector & Private sector companies, Heavy Industries, Power Plants, Cement, Sugar, Oxygen, Textile, Steel plants, marine and Shipping Industries they are fully satisfied with our manufactured products and they regularly place their orders repeatedly. We look forward to receiving your enquiries which rest assured will receive our best attention. Moreover, we remain at your disposal for any further information or assistance you may require. Thanking you, Yours faithfully, For Prakash Pistons, Jitendra Sarvaiya Partner.

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