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A1Solids Handling Engineering

A1Solids Handling Engineering Turnkey Projects, Equipment Supply and Engineering Services for Lean & Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying Systems for bulk materials, Ash Handling Plants, Coal Mill Rejects Handling Systems, Dome Valves, Blow Valves, Diverter Valves, Knife Gate Valves, Vacuum Loading & Unloading Systems, Fly Ash Utilization Schemes, Barge Loading Systems, Plastics and Polyester Chips and Powders Conveying Systems, Lime Coating Facility for Steel Industry, Silos and Hoppers, Air Slides, Ash Conditioning and Dry Ash Unloading Systems, Heat Transfer Systems, Cooling Water Systems, Hot Air Generators, Chillers, Pressure Vessels, Air Receivers etc.

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New Delhi


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