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Gansu Boshi Cement Technology and Engineering Co., Ltd

Gansu Boshi Cement Technology and Engineering Co., Ltd Gansu Boshi Cement Technology Engineering Co., Ltd. is a modern technology cooperation that special engaged in cement technology and low investment techniques research, building materials patent development and application. Company invites 10 domestic famous experts as high-grade technical adviser;now has 10 researchers, in which 3 professors,6 senior engineers and 10 engineers. Mr.Zhang Chaofa, general manager of the company is engaged in cement technology research more than 10 years and he gets multinomial patents of low investment technology on cement techniques, leveling, economize on energy and environmental protection etc. Gansu Boshi Cement Technology Engineering Company Ltd has set 2 Design Work Units,1 Cement Industrial Research Institute,1 Engineering Management Department,1 Patent Product Development Research Center. The company has strong technical strength. Jiangxi Yancheng Cement Plant,the first modern upright kiln demonstration production line of China that our company designed and Heilongjiang Nenjiang Shengquan Cement Plant,the modern upright kiln technology upgrade production line are putting into production and have realized economize on energy,high efficiency and low development really. Powder mill production line of Jiangsu Beigu Group,nation-wide the first high performance powder mill production line and State 973 Basic Research high capability cement industrial demonstration production line;2 million tons large-scale powder mill production line of Liaoning Yingkou Gold Earth Group high capability grog powder mill production line are in construction. By now,Gansu Boshi Cement Technology Engineering Company Ltd have established business relation with 662 cement enterprises domestic and undertake long-term technical adviser for more than 30 famous enterprises domestic. At the same time, the company has established long-term cooperation with many related enterprise of Congo, Indonesia and Tajikistan. General Manager Zhang Chaofa will take whole employees insist the tenet of preciseness pragmatic, science innovation, unite enterprising, Relay on technology advances and implement scientific management to offer high grade technology and satisfactory service to cement production enterprises with all heart and willing to cooperate with industrial circle friend to make contribution for development and the prosperity of society. Gansu Boshi Cement Technology and Engineering Co. Ltd. is an agile and highly responsive consultancy engineering firm focused on plant design, modifications, upgrades, and reducing your operating costs. Our experts can help you to produce more cement, at lower costs, with less environmental impact. We have experts in cement process, pioneers in emissions controls, and decades of experience in plant design for either new greenfield sites or existing brownfield modernizations. With abundant design experience and skilled staff as well as modern design idea and research predominance, we will offer more excellent design services for the development of cement industry of China and in the world.

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