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Aqua Misr Co AQUA MISR Is the leader in air pollution control in Egypt and the region. We design and manufacture jet pulse bag house filters to provide our customers with carefully calculated solutions for the field of air pollution control. AQUA MISR technical stuff has high capabilities and wide experience to make site investigation to define the problem to provide best solutions, also we put custom designs for the bag filters (capacities from 1,000 m3/h up to 400,000 m3/h). Our technicians active enough to fabricate and install all equipment in very short time, also we can provide our customers with after sale service, and maintenance schedules. ADVANTAGES OF AQUA MISR BAG FILTERS E.A.M SERIES: High filtration efficiency Optimum air-to-cloth ratio Equal gas distribution through the bags Heavy duty centrifugal fans Heavy duty discharge devices [screw, rotary valve, flap gate Well designed, high performance Accurate calculated ducting system with minimum losses. Use suitable instrumentation (PT 100,Dalta p controller, diaphragm / solenoid valves, speed sensors ….etc.) Easy maintenance with low cost Custom design case by case to avoid (under or over) size problems Well designed, electrical panels.

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