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Bonyad Sanat Consulting Engineers

Bonyad Sanat Consulting Engineers • Technical consulting with respect to choosing the correct procedure and type of facility • Basic engineering for the compilation of documents in order to get the required permits • Detail engineering for kilns and for the upstream and downstream plants • Supply of key components for cement and lime plants • Turnkey erection of cement and lime plants • Supervision services for erection, commissioning and operation of cement and lime plants • Training of the operating and maintenance personnel • Supply of spare parts • Technical audits of the lime plant during operation • Consultations in case of operating and maintenance problems • Inspection of kilns (e.g. condition of the refractory lining) • Elaboration of modernisation proposals

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5 Khajoye Kermani Ave.
Vanak St


Tel: +98 21 8805 0549
Fax: +98 21 8821 0595