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Rotary Kiln Services

Rotary Kiln Services

Our general products and services include: - Supply and installation of new rotary vessels such as Kilns, Calciners, Dryers, Coolers, Roasters - Supply and installation of new Grinding Mills including Ball Mills and Vertical Mills - Supply and replacement of kiln shell sections - Supply and replacement of kiln tires, tire supporting blocks and guides - Supply and replacement of trunnion rollers - Supply and replacement or reversal of girth gears and pinions - Refurbishment of girth gears and pinions in-situ - Grinding of tire and trunnion roller running surfaces during full production - Hot Kiln Alignment and adjustment including Kiln axis alignment, IDM runout measurement of gears, tires and trunnion roller deflection during operation, shell laser scanning, ovality and inclination measurement, tire and roller diameter measurement and trunnion roller - Installation and reconditioning of Grinding Mills - Installation and laser alignment of drive components such as motor and gearboxes. - Installation and reconditioning of Apron Feeders - Supply of parts and equipment - Field Machining

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