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Refractories Question 3

At what temperature would a hotspot in a cement kiln become visible to the eye?

Re: Refractories

That depends to some extent on the human eye, which is variable. I can personally see them above 450 degrees C.

Refractories Question 4

I would like to ask two questions (1) what influence has the fineness in the slurry in wet process in low/normal oper...

Re: Refractories

When the fineness of the slurry is low then potentially it will be more difficult to combine into clinker. This is no...

Refractories Question 5

I have a question with regards to the sulphur cycle and a method that I adopt to mitigate the effects. Usually in the...

Re: Refractories

I'm surprised that a rise from 0.07 to 0.12 per cent sulphur in the raw mix causes upset conditions. These are low va...

Refractories Question 6

We carryout refractory work with screw jacks, maximum 10m lining at a time (ie 5m maximum simultaneously at two diffe...

Re: Refractories

I would recommend using the glueing method rather than screw jacks and then you can replace as long a section as you ...

Refractories Question 7

We have faced the serious coating formation at 12 to 26 meter of Kiln and plant have to be forced stopped for coating...

Re: Refractories

I have studied the data you have submitted. We receive regular reports of heavy coating and ball formation associated...