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re Limestone

Perhaps Ted is very busy. I will answer. Because the limestone can produce with products of hydration of ce...

re Clinker compressive strength

Increase the Blein’s specific surface. For example, if you have a specific surface 350 m2/kg, increase it up ...

re Yet Another Raw Mix Design program

Dear lalbatros ! Many thanks. All working. Professional program. I cant find content C2S & C4AF.


HOW TO DESIGN A RAW MIX WITH EXPECTED ONE DAY STRENGTH OF CEMENT ? In order to design raw mix with expected ...


I told about it above. I making simplify method of calculating of raw mix. Paper about it, translation, &  excel  ...

re marble & limestone

Dear Dot ! Our region has a lot of marble deposits. Marble has many varieties. More valuable varieties of marb...

re FGD Gypsum

If you have pure limestone and you are unable to change the scrubbering sistem, you can increase the absorption of...

re FGD Gypsum

Teoretical content SO3 in dihydrat must be 46 %. If you has less SO3, you use not pure limestone.

re RSP: High Calcination degree

Dear Emad ! After pressing must be grinding up to dust. I discribe about it above.

re RSP: High Calcination degree

When used for pressing the model industrial press pressures up to 200 MPA pressing specific consumption of electr...