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re mill vent fan inlet water dropping

 Dear        Due to condensation of water vapour on this temp.( 85 .0 c) . Pl check dew point of venting air. ...

re calculation of flame momentum of a multi channel burner

Dear chari          Thanks you          To give calculation flame momentum on the basic of % PA* Velocity. ...

pet coke grinding dewatering curve

R/S               Any standard curve for pet coke grinding in VRM  just like  coal. For optimisation  coal mill...

Flame momentum in N/ MW for burner design

Dear expert,      How i can calculate flame momentum in N/ MW for  multi channel burner .           Regards ...

re Liter Weight

Dear      Pl give your method of measuring of liter wt.      GK SHARMA

re GCT

Dear,        Water spray nozzle adjustment  is done supplier as per your requirement of temp. reduction of gas....


Pl check your pet coke HGI &VM   

Chimney height for coal mill

 Dear expert,             I want to increase height of coal mill chimney for optimisation of coal mill fan powe...

re Energy consumption - cooler technology

Yes,       Sp. heat consumption in kiln section  depending upon cooler thermal effeciency and sp. air Nm3/ kg o...

Tyre dust handling

 Dear sir,             I want use of tyre dust  ( waste of tyre after gasification for petrolem product).   ...