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re Kiln Speed

    There is synchronization  factor between  kiln feed  vs speed .    Sr factor  from 52 to 56.   But yo...

re calculation of flame momentum of a multi channel burner

Yes , we can use pressure correction also.it will give better result.  With regards gks

Kiln flame effect

Dear  Expert,     What is best shape of flame for Nox reduction in  100% Pet coke  firing ,    How to contro...

Fine coal residue

 Dear expert  ,           Why fine coal residue done by dry method. But some Mill designer want data on wet  me...

re Tyre burning in the pyro system

Dear kumar,               Yes combustion of tyres give peak of  CO before complete burn out .               ...

re Tyre burning in the pyro system

Hello         tyres can burn into kiln from kiln inlet          Full tyres or chipped tyre feed into kiln fr...

re Kiln shell temperatures

Hello kumawat,  High shell temp. indicate that heat radiation is more from  flame heat toward that point.   ...


Dear,           Both fan will tripped by overload fault.        Regards  gks  

re proper way to take axial samples in a Raw Mill

Dear ,     If you have have high (fine below 45 micron  (10-20 %)) reject material from separator may cover 20 ...

re Re: Ash fusion temperature

Dear sir,      Pl send me formula for calculation on ( girish_1966@yahoo.in)      Can we  used for calculati...