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torque equation

dear all   pls i want know what the relation between kiln main drive torque and power?

Re: high free lime and liter weight

hello mr  Ted Krapkat 1- we fucing sme time high free lime and litter wieght.. 2-our fuel is using ,fuel oi...

Re: preheater cyclones blockage

hello sir 1- we have six dip pipe in each cyclone(cold strean shorter than hot stream)for example type A cyclones=h...

Re: high free lime and liter weight

hello sir u r correct and now we have brownish clinker . but ower main problem now material collapse in the preheate...

Re: preheater cyclones blockage

hello sir actualy before this problem was not found and kiln procduce full capacity then the problem appeared in th...

Re: preheater cyclones blockage

hello sir: 1) no oxygen content due to gas analyzer not working from long time in all preheater  plus kiln inlet so ...

preheater cyclones blockage

to all we have one kiln with preheater 6 stage ,2000 TPD ,56m length,3.8m diam, grate cooler.kiln suffering from th...

Re: clinker temperature

thanks for full informations but sir pls how to calc heat and mass balance for cooler can u help me?

clinker temperature

Dear Dr Michale Clark we have grate cooler with 8 fans for kiln capacity 2000TPD .we fucing the temp of clinker mor...

Re: Raw meal to clinker ratio

thanks for full informations