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USA – St Lawrence Cement to provide more information

11 March 2004, Published under Cement News

St Lawrence Cement is to provide additional data to New York Department of State on 10 topic areas relating to the expansion of its Hudson works. The Department wants to see a broad range of information, including alternative plant designs, measures to reduce and visual effects, assessments of new emission abatement technology and balloon tests.  

UK – Cement as green belt saviour

09 March 2004, Published under Cement News

The UK needs 4.4m new homes by 2016, but the pressure on land use by a variety of activities is increasing steadily. The UK government has allocated brownfield areas and derelict industrial sites to enable the building of 60 per cent of these houses. However, many of these sites need land treatment or removal to render the sites safe for human habitation. Nevertheless, solutions are available, as evidenced by two techniques that have been heralded as the “saviour of green belt areas”. Re...

Hima Cement Plant to Shut Down

08 March 2004, Published under Cement News

Uganda: Hima cement factory in Kasese district will close for a month after locals complained of air pollution.  The factory’s Human Resource Manager, John Rwabona confirmed the closure by phone yesterday.  "Yes it’s true our factory is emitting dust and we are going to close down on Sunday and then repair it for 4 weeks; there will be no more dust," he said. The factory is about 16 kilometres on the Kasese-Fort Portal road. The district Director of Health services, Dr Peter Okui told Th...

UK – RLF receives health OK at Westbury

05 March 2004, Published under Cement News

The trust board of West Wiltshire Primary Care Trust has raised no objections to the recycled liquid fuel (RLF) trials at the Lafarge works in Westbury. Dr Pamela Akerman, acting director of public health explained: “We are reassured by the fact that trials at other cement works burning this and similar fuels have led to only modest changes in emissions.” Dr Mark Evans of the Wiltshire Health Protection Unit added: “It will be a six-month trial and it can be stopped at any time if there ...

Europe – JRC develops smart construction materials

05 March 2004, Published under Cement News

In a joint effort, the EU’s Joint Research Centre, research institutions and researchers from private enterprises are developing smart construction materials capable of absorbing and eliminating pollution. The EU views these materials as a key tool in meeting the EU target of reducing nitrogen oxide levels to under 21ppb by 2010. The PICADA (photocatalytic innovative coverings applications for depollution assessment) project, representing an investment of Euro3.4m, is working with materi...

UK – Tyres to power profits

04 March 2004, Published under Cement News

RMC will be firing up its new plant at Rugby with shredded car tyres as part of a move to save UK£50m, restoring profits by next year. Chief executive David Munro commented that the plans to use rubber tyres and other alternative energy sources rather than US$50/t high-quality South African coal would underpin the company’s recovery plan. RMC suffered a pretax, post-exceptional loss of UK£133m after its it was hit by UK£49m losses and a UK£205m write-down at its German operations.

Petcoke burn needs govt approval

03 March 2004, Published under Cement News

According to "Jordan Times", the government assured Fuheis citizens that it is committed to improving the environmental situation in their area by minimizing the effects of the cement factory located there. At a meeting with officials and representatives of Fuheis residents, Government Spokesperson Asma Khader called for a multiphase plan that ensures a balance between the interests of the country and citizens’ right to a clean environment. Earlier this year, the management of the Jordan Cem...

Ash Grove tyre burn plan

27 February 2004, Published under Cement News

Louisville, Nebraska: Ash Grove Cement plans to burn tyres to fuel its plant has gained support around downtown, despite efforts to stop the project by an environmental group.  Main Street shop owners say the venture is a better alternative than trucking thousands of Nebraska scrap tyres to a Kansas landfill. Nebraska landfills don’t accept scrap tyres.  Ash Grove needs a variance permit from the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality to burn tires on a 60-day trial basis.  Ash Grove, w...

Japan Taiheiyo Cement to recycle

25 February 2004, Published under Cement News

Japanese cement manufacturer Taiheiyo Cement Corp will start recycling waste plasterboard at the company-owned land plot in Sodegaura, Chiba prefecture, eastern Japan, the company said on February 24, 2004.  Taiheiyo Cement plans to annually recycle 100,000t of waste plasterboard created from building dismantlement in order to produce 70,000t of anhydrous gypsum a year. The anhydrous gypsum, in turn, will be applied as a raw material for fixation agents.  The Tokyo-based company is today hold...

Public discussions on planned cement plant

25 February 2004, Published under Cement News

Public comments are being accepted about the state’s issuance of a draft clean-air permit for a company that wants to build the nation’s largest cement plant on the Mississippi River’s banks. Issued Jan. 23 in preliminary form, the draft air-pollution permit would allow Swiss-based Holcim to build the cement plant in Ste. Genevieve County, about 35 miles south of St. Louis. Public comments will be accepted through March 29, when the state Department of Natural Resources will stage a public h...