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WWF and Lafarge Boost Environmental Agenda

22 June 2005, Published under Cement News

Lafarge, the world leader in building materials and WWF, the global conservation organization have announced the renewal of their partnership following significant progress in reducing CO2 emissions, in improving quarry rehabilitation practices and the implementation of eight key performance indicators.  This pioneering partnership was launched in March 2000 for a five year period and has been renewed for a further 3-year term.  "Our partnership with WWF has helped us speed up the develo...

Emissions OK in trial waste burn

10 June 2005, Published under Cement News

An incineration trial conducted by Green Island Cement has shown the amount of toxic pollutants produced from burning waste is not excessive, the environment watchdog said. Still, the company has been asked to do additional trial burns from next week before being allowed to undertake a 16-week trial. The operator said the quantity of dioxins released reached only 0.0011 nanogram per cubic metre of air, against a standard of 0.1 nanograms per cubic metre. Green Island Cement ran tri...

TXI, residents to try mediation Midlothian: Cement maker wants to ditch pollution controls

09 June 2005, Published under Cement News

Texas Industries Inc., local environmental groups and Midlothian residents will meet with a mediator over the next 30 days to try to reach a compromise on the cement maker’s request to turn off pollution-control equipment for part of the year. The announcement came at the end of a preliminary hearing Tuesday before a state administrative law judge at Waxahachie City Hall. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality had ordered the hearing in March after environmental groups had opposed...

Jordan Cement to curb emissions

07 June 2005, Published under Cement News

According to local news reports, the Jordan Cement Factories Company (JCFC) will inaugurate a $3.5m new dust filter on June 8, in an attempt to rectify the environmental situation of its Fuheis factory, according to a JCFC official. The new filter, installed on one of the Fuheis production lines, will replace the old and ineffective de-dusting system and utilise advanced technology to reduce dust emission. The new filter will improve the environmental situation at the Fuheis plant and virtual...

Cement Initiative assesses progress

07 June 2005, Published under Cement News

One of the largest global sustainability programs ever undertaken by a single industry sector, the Cement Sustainability Initiative (CSI), released its first progress report today, three years after making its Agenda for Action. The CSI report documents the delivery on pledges made in 2002, in particular in CO2 emissions, the use of fuels and raw materials and occupational health and safety. Probably the most significant is the production of an protocol for measuring and reporting CO2 emissi...

UK watchdog warns Lafarge

06 June 2005, Published under Cement News

Lafarge was yesterday given a formal warning after the Environment Agency carried out an investigation at its Wiltshire plant.  The company had its knuckles rapped earlier this year when it was discovered staff at the Westbury works were falsifying test results on faulty concrete.  The Agency issued the warning after its audit of the multi-national found a failure to report one minor exceedance of a cement dust limit. 

Sumitomo Osaka Cement to use more ash

06 June 2005, Published under Cement News

The use of incinerator ash as a raw material in cement is to be increased by Sumitomo Osaka Cement. The company plans to have all of its plants set up to use the ash within three years.  However, in order to use incinerator ash in cement, a system that removes chlorine from the ash must be attached to the kiln.  The company currently has such facilities at three of its five plants and intends to install the necessary equipment at the remaining two plants in the next three years at a cost of u...

North Carolina fines cement company

06 June 2005, Published under Cement News

North Carolina air quality regulators fined an South Carolina-based manufacturer nearly $270,000 for failing to monitor its emissions and then submitting false data to the state.Solite did not conduct continual emissions checks for sulfur dioxide and other pollutants at a plant in Stanly County that made material used to make cement blocks, state regulators said. The company, a subsidiary of Giant Cement Holdings Inc. of Summerville, sold the plant to Carolina Stalite Corp. in September.Richa...

Ash Grove plans tyre test burn

06 June 2005, Published under Cement News

Ash Grove Cement Co in Louisville will begin a controversial test burn of scrap tyres on July 13, a company spokesman said. "We’re not sure of the number of days but it will be at least three days," said Ash Grove spokesman Lance Latham said. Ash Grove plans to add scrap tyres to coal and use the fuel mixture to power its cement kilns on the outskirts of this Cass County town. "Scrap tyres will be added at various rates to find the optimum (burning) rate for our process," Latham said. Ash Gro...

Lehigh possibly closer to burning sewage

03 June 2005, Published under Cement News

Lehigh Cement Co plans to burn sewage sludge from Baltimore to power one of its plants in Carroll County is one step closer to approval. Lehigh Cement Co. runs a distribution terminal in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. The Allentown, Pa.-based company proposes to use the sludge as a complete or partial replacement for the coal it burns at its plant in Union Bridge, WBAL-TV 11 News reported. The Carroll County Environmental Advisory Council is reported to have voted unanimously in favor of th...