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Cyclic processes

10 July 2013, Published under Cement News

The Technical Forum has covered the topic of the cyclic processes taking place in a cement kiln on a number of occasions over the last 15 years. Regular readers may think that there is not much more to be said on the subject. However, these processes remain one of the most frequent sources of questions and, therefore, it is perhaps time to revisit this topic. In one of the many cycles operating in a cement plant, alkali salts evaporate in the burning zone and are carried back to th...

Lowering NOx and SO2

19 December 2012, Published under Cement News

There are several options for reducing NOx and SO2 in the cement pyroprocess. However, the solution selected must be both cost-effective and flexible in terms of raw materials, fuels and operating conditions. Making the correct choice requires the necessary process know-how and advanced technical solutions to handle NOx and SO2 emissions at all levels. FLSmidth is one of the few companies to offer both. Lars Schultz explains. Dialogue between FLSmidth specialist and customer, SNCR inj...