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Northern Cement sees 21% increase in 2Q profit

02 August 2022, Published under Cement News

Jordan-based Northern Cement Co reported a 21.4 per cent rise in profit to JOD1.7m (US$2.39m) in the 2Q222 from JOD1.4m in the 2Q21. Sales in the 2Q22 were down 3.3 per cent to JOD8.9m from JOD9.2m in the 2Q21.

Northern Cement announces 37% 1Q revenue rise

09 May 2019, Published under Cement News

Saudi cement producer Northern Cement reported a more than nine-fold rise in net profits after zakat and tax in the first quarter of 2019, according to Mubasher. Net profit reached SAR15.51m (US$4.1m), up from SAR1.46m in the 1Q18. Revenues remained stable at SAR113.3m in the1Q19 when compared with the 1Q18. Total profits increased by 67.8 per cent in the three months to SAR40.1m when compared with SAR23.9m in the year-ago period. Operational profits more than doubled to SAR40.1m in the 1Q...

Cement shortage impacts infrastructure projects

17 January 2019, Published under Cement News

The cement supply shortage in Pangasinan, Philippines, has begun to cause delays in the completion of several infrastructure projects, according to the Manila Bulletin. Gerardo de Guzman, district engineer (Pangasinan 3) at the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) noted his concern regarding that only 80 per cent of the road and school building projects were completed by the end of 2018. Northern Cement, the region’s cement manufacturer, produces 200,000 bags per day, which is no...

Saudi cement sales drop 26% in August

12 September 2018, Published under Cement News

Saudi-based cement companies reported a decrease in sales of around 26 per cent in August to 2.76Mt from 3.7Mt in August 2017, according to data from Al Yamama Cement. The producer also reported a YoY fall in total output of 27.7 per cent YoY to 2.74Mt in August. Cement stocks were slightly lower by 0.6 per cent to 1.16Mt. While Southern Cement led sales at 463,000t, it noted a 1.7 per cent YoY drop from 471,000t in August of the year before. Saudi Cement followed with 355,000t, down eight...

Philippines: gearing for growth

30 June 2017, Published under Cement News

Cement producers in the Philippines are gearing for growth, outlining new plant projects to ensure they are prepared to address the demand of anticipated public and private infrastructure spending. Cement demand in the Philippines has taken off in recent years, largely due to government infrastructure investment as well as industrial and commercial sector activity. Domestic cement consumption in 2016 amounted to just under 26Mt, up 6.6 per cent YoY despite a slowdown in the fourth quarter ...

Iraq: Badoush Cement Factory destroyed in struggle for Mosul

15 March 2017, Published under Cement News

Reports from Iraq indicate that Badoush Cement Factory has been destroyed in the fighting resulting from the Iraqi government’s efforts to retake western Mosul from Islamic State (IS). The government’s latest offensive is a continuation of the operations that saw eastern Mosul recaptured in January. According to government sources, the Badoush plant was set ablaze by IS forces conducting a scorched earth withdrawal. However, a Kurdish source suggests that the plant was also targeted by...

Jordan: Northern Cement 2Q16 profits drop

11 August 2016, Published under Cement News

Northern Cement Company have reported a 7.6 per cent decline in profits to JOD3.79m (US$5.4m) for the second quarter of 2016, compared to profits on JOD4.1m  seen in the same period last year. Profits for the first half of the year also fell, dropping 8.71 per cent YoY. Profits for the first half of 2016 were JOD6.8m compared to JOD7.4m in the first half of 2015.

China: Northern Cement to issue CNY1bn bills

27 May 2014, Published under Cement News

Northern Cement Co announced Tuesday that it would issue CNY1bn (US$160m) worth of 365-day bills on 4 June 2014. The money raised will be used to repay bank loans and replenish operating capital.