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UK scientists look to develop zero-emissions cement

18 July 2022, Published under Cement News

Scientists at the University of Cambridge, UK, have been replacing lime flux with used cement paste for steel recycling.   The resulting slag could, in turn, create a zero-emissions cement in a closed-loop process. ‘If the electric arc furnace [for steel recycling] is powered by non-emitting electricity, the only significant emissions in today’s steel recycling come from making the lime flux. So, with our process, it looks like we can make zero-emissions steel and zero-emissions ceme...

The cement sector can't sit back on reducing CO2 emissions

22 April 2022, Published under Cement News

This week Credit Suisse published a revealing study entitled 'Global Infrastructure and Construction', which looks into the current state of the global cement industry's efforts to reduce carbon emissions. The report attempts to highlight which countries and cement companies are not yet making sufficient headway in dealing with their CO2 emissions. It may surprise many that the USA is the worst-performing nation in terms of one key metric, CO 2 per tonne of cement manufactured, which is re...