Bamburi Cement to cease producing OPC

Bamburi Cement to cease producing OPC
13 December 2023

Bamburi Cement (Tororo Cement) will cease production of ordinary Portland cement (OPC) within its product line from 1 January 2024, as part of the company’s commitment to decarbonise its operations and provide a greener option of building materials.

This landmark commitment, which comes amid the ongoing 2023 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP28) in the United Arab Emirates, will accelerate one of its 2030 sustainability targets to have 100 per cent green products by 2025, decreasing carbon (CO2) emissions to fight climate change.

Announcing the move, Bamburi Cement Group Managing Director, Mr Mohit Kapoor, said it will affect the production of Powerplus cement, used in medium to large construction projects but will have no disruptive impact to existing customers. 

Mr Kapoor said, “Bamburi Cement Plc is steering future construction processes and the built environment’s life cycle towards environmental protection. Withdrawing OPC from the construction sector is critical to greening and decarbonising the industry. In combination with the thrust on the use of eco-friendly cement offerings, it gives us the opportunity to onboard our partners and customers in our unstoppable journey to net-zero.”

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