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Cementa's time-limited extraction permit stands

08 December 2022, Published under Cement News

The Supreme Administrative Court (HFD) has decided that the time-limited extraction permit, which the government announced to Cementa  ( Heidelberg Materials ) in the fall of 2021, must stand. HFD made the assessment that the government's decision on a time-limited permit does not contravene any legal rule. This means that limestone quarrying and cement production in Slite can continue as planned for the rest of the year. Cementa's previous permit to mine limestone in Slite expired ...

Slite plant opts for KIMA Process kiln cooling system

18 November 2022, Published under Cement News

Heidelberg Materials is modernisation   its Cementa AB plant in Slite on the Swedish island of Gotland. It is set to become a plant that can produce climate positive cement, using ambitious carbon capture and emission reduction technologies. In addition, it will have the first complete rotary kiln will be equipped with a fully automatic IR-temperature control based on water spray cooling.   Germany-based KIMA Process Control GmbH will supply the most energy-efficient and environ...

Scandinavia’s CO2 conundrum

07 November 2022, Published under Cement News

The Scandinavian countries of Denmark, Norway and Sweden are home to ~7.3Mta of cement production capacity. This is at odds with government plans to quicken the pace of decarbonisation in a bloc that already has one of the world’s most aggressive CO 2 targets. Yet, greater use of alternative fuels, carbon taxes and advances in CCUS may help solve this conundrum. As Scandinavia invests in modern infrastructure, it is mindful of the need to decarbonise and take care of its landscape...

BillerudKronäs to shorten its name to Billerud

06 October 2022, Published under Cement News

Packaging supplier to the cement industry, BillerudKronäs, is changing its name to Billerud from 12 October 2022. The name change symbolises the company’s growth agenda as well as its development into an even more international company. The legal entities are not impacted in any other respect except that they change name from 'BillerudKorsnäs' to 'Billerud', according to the company.

Cementa releases 2022 economic report

21 September 2022, Published under Cement News

Cementa has released its economic report 2022. This year's economic report presents an unusual number of uncertainties surrounding the international economic situation, which makes this year's forecast particularly uncertain, says the Swedish cement producer. The report confirms that in the domestic market, Cementa is facing a sharp slowdown in the construction of apartment buildings in the near future, but with a slight increase in 2024. When it comes to premises and offices, the pace ...

Sweden receives EU funding to tackle climate neutrality

06 September 2022, Published under Cement News

Under the European Commission’s Just Transition Fund (JTF) Programme, Sweden is to receive EUR155.7m in EU grants to support its journey to climate neutrality by 2045. The JTF support will reportedly help Sweden transition to climate neutrality, while maintaining competitiveness and sustaining economic and employment levels in the counties of Norrbotten, Västerbotten and the island of Gotland. The funding will also support targeted investments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in activities...

Cementa's application for a short mining permit continues

11 July 2022, Published under Cement News

Cementa ( HeidelbergCement group ) submitted its application for a shorter mining permit of four years to the Land and Environment Court in April this year. Authorities, associations and the general public have since been able to take part in the application and submit comments on it. Cementa has taken note of the opinions submitted by a dozen authorities and associations, such as SGU (the state's expert authority regarding groundwater and mineral extraction), the Swedish Environment...

Cementa wants climate-positive cement for National Transport Plan

15 June 2022, Published under Cement News

Cementa has responded to the National Transport Plan of Sweden until 2033, recently announced by  Tomas Eneroth, Minister of Infrastructure, arguing that new infrastructure should be built with climate-positive cement. Karin ComStedt Webb, VP of HeidelbergCement Sweden, said, “Until now, I believe that we in Sweden have often taken cement and concrete for granted and that it should always be available. But for Sweden to continue to be self-sufficient in our most important building mater...

HeidelbergCement steps up Slite CCS project

01 June 2022, Published under Cement News

Following positive results from a pre-feasibility study, HeidelbergCement and its Swedish subsidiary Cementa are taking their carbon capture and storage (CCS) project at the Slite cement plant in Sweden to the next stage. The installation on the Swedish island of Gotland will now be scaled up to capture up to 1.8Mta of CO 2 , equal to the plant’s total emissions and equivalent to three per cent of the country’s total emissions. In terms of capturing the CO 2 , the pre-feasibility study fo...

SAMSON Materials Handling secures Eco Hopper order

09 May 2022, Published under Cement News

SAMSON Materials Handling has won an Eco Hopper order for handling cement clinker, limestone, coal and pellets to be installed at the port of Slite, Gotland, Sweden.   The SAMSON Eco Hopper will be suitably designed to unload materials at the quay area via crane grabs. The Eco Hopper will then discharge direct to trucks via a telescopic chute. Under normal operating conditions and based on client’s grab sizes and cycle time, will achieve a peak discharging rate of: • 353tph based on c...