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LafargeHolcim's Ravena plant to fight for waste tyre burning

05 March 2019, Published under Cement News

LafargeHolcim has urged local residents near to its Ravena cement plant to defeat a new law that would prevent the cement company from burning tyres. Last week the company took out a full-page advertisement in the local paper to promote its cause. A new proposal would prevent the burning of waste tyres. Drafted last summer, the new measure plans to set the strictest national limits on tyre burning and emissions of dioxins and furans, mercury, SO x and NO x . The Ravena plant's current air...

Super-objection could prevent Mungret tyre burning plans

29 May 2018, Published under Cement News

Metropolitan councillors have approved plans for a joint submission against Irish Cement's Mungret plans to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Irish Cement, which wants to burn used tyres at its plant in Mungret, has cleared all but the final hurdle to establish the EUR10m (US$11.6m) project. However, a group of local residents and councillors now hope to join with Clare County Council to provide a 'super-objection' to the proposals, which have already prompted over 2000 peopl...

Lafarge seeks approval for tyre burning plans

17 November 2017, Published under Cement News

Lafarge Canada has applied for industrial approval regarding its plans to burn tyres as an alternative fuel for its Brookfield cement plant. After the successful completion of an environmental examination in July, the project also requires an industrial study from the Department of Environment. The approval will only come once the plant’s environmental impact has been fully examined. Lafarge’s plans have previously encountered resistance in the form of petitions to the government to ba...

Irish Cement and local residents kept waiting on hazardous waste burning

20 October 2017, Published under Cement News

An Bord Pleanála, Ireland's Planning Board, has said they need more time to decide on the planning permission granted to Irish Cement to enable it burn hazardous waste as a power source at its manufacturing plant in Mungret. In March Limerick City and County Council approved a EUR10m plan by Irish Cement that would allow the company burn up to 115 types of hazardous material, including animal tissue waste, at its Limerick plant. The council planners granted permission for the company to ...

Petition bill submitted against Lafarge Brooksfield's tyre burning project

05 October 2017, Published under Cement News

Nova Scotia's opposition New Democrats have presented a petition and a bill in the legislature calling on the Liberal government to ban tyre burning in the province. The party held a news conference with opponents of the government's July decision to approve a one-year pilot project allowing Lafarge Canada to burn tyres at the Brookfield cement plant. NDP environment critic Lenore Zann said her party's bill is the same as a bill tabled by the Liberals while in opposition. The Liberal bill w...

Dioxin levels to be tested near Irish Cement's Castlemungret plant

03 October 2017, Published under Cement News

Irish Cement’s EUR10m plans for its Limerick plant to substitute part of its fossil fuels for waste tyre burning is coming under fresh attack, as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) agrees for the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to carry out tests of dioxin levels in dairy cattle near the cement plant in Mungret. Local residents fear there will be an increase in the levels of dioxins in the local environment with the burning of waste tyres, which has been refuted by Irish Cement. T...

Irish Cement allowed to burn waste tyres and hazardous waste at Castlemungret

01 September 2017, Published under Cement News

Limerick City and County Council has signed off the EUR10m plan by Irish Cement to go ahead with its proposal to burn waste tyres and hazardous materials in its cement kiln at Castlemungret. The council granted planning permission last March, for Irish Cement to burn "hazardous" substances, including "end of life tyres", as fuel at its plant in Castlemungret, Co Limerick, provided it adhered to strict conditions. The Southern Waste Management Office, Limerick, earlier recommended planni...

Nigeria: producers encouraged to use tyres as raw material

15 September 2016, Published under Cement News

The Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON) has approached local cement producers, encouraging them to use tyres as a raw material for firing kilns. Acting Director General of SON, Dr Paul Angya, said, “We are looking for environmentally-friendly ways of disposing seized tyres. That is why we are talking to cement companies and another company in Kwara state that said they can use tyres as raw materials to produce some other products.” SON was previously paying waste management organis...

PPC signs waste tyre agreement

21 November 2014, Published under Cement News

PPC has signed an agreement to source waste tyres from the Recycling and Economic Development Initiative of South Africa (Redisa) for use at its De Hoek cement factory, South Africa. The country’s largest cement producer is also investigating the possibility of using waste tyres in some of its other plants, Azola Lowan, the executive for investor relations and strategy, told the Cape Times. Lowan said the use of the waste tyres in the kilns at the De Hoek factory would be introduced fro...

GCC’s Pueblo plant starts TDF usage

23 May 2014, Published under Cement News

GCC’s Pueblo plant in Colorado has begun utilising tyre-derived fuel (TDF) in its manufacturing process. The plant team is targeting an eventual fuel replacement of 50 per cent of calciner fuel, which equates to 30 per cent of total fuel. The company expects to replace 40,000tpa of coal. GCC plans to further investigate available fuels and raw materials to further its sustainability program, reduce environmental impacts and make its operations more eco-efficient.