Bilfinger targets cement industry emissions reduction

Bilfinger targets cement industry emissions reduction
17 October 2019

Bilfinger is supporting the US-based tech firm PRTI in bringing a technology to Europe that can help cement companies reduce their emissions.

"Emission standards are getting stricter in industries around the world," says Tom Blades, CEO of Bilfinger. "Bilfinger's expertise and emission reduction technologies help our customers meet these requirements in an effective and cost-efficient way."

Burning tyres directly to fire cement kilns results in various environmentally harmful emissions. By installing PRTI's thermal decomposition technology at their plants, cement producers can continue to use tyres as a cost-efficient energy source while lowering their emissions. At the same time, the technology helps to make use of the millions of tyres that are newly produced each year but due to very high quality standards never make it to the road. Up to 10 per cent of total tyre production is rejected and marked not suitable for use in traffic.

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