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Venezuela to increase cement output

07 March 2012, Published under Cement News

Venezuela is expected to produce 8.3Mt of cement in 2012 from 7.7Mt last year, to help boost the development of the country’s infrastructure as well as support the government’s Grand Housing Mission, Raul Pacheco, the country’s Vice Minister of Productivity Management, has said. El Universal reports that among new capacity additions, the Cerro Azul cement plant is to start operations in 2012, according to Vice Minister of Productivity Management. The plant is located in El Pinto sector, P...

Chavez authorises investment, company name change

06 March 2012, Published under Cement News

Venezuela’s president, Hugo Chávez has authorised VEF43m (US$10m) to build a new quarry for cement production. The executive also approved changing the name of Cemex Venezuela to Venezolana de Cementos as well as measure to develop and strengthen the firm, according to a release from the national assembly. Last year, Cemex received US$600m in compensation from the Venezuelan government  for nationalization of the cement prouducer’s local works.

Venezuela cement prices rise 13.4%

08 February 2012, Published under Cement News

In January the prices of construction materials in Venezuela increased 2.5 per cent largely as a result from a rise in prices in the steel and cement sectors. Statistics from the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV), showing the wholesale price index of construction materials, shows that in one month cement prices increased 13.4 per cent. According to BCV figures, in 12 months cement prices accumulated a 28.1 per cent. In December, the government authorised an 80 per cent increase in the va...

Iran to launch Venezuelan cement factory in March

16 January 2012, Published under Cement News

Iranian-built cement factory in Venezuela "Cerro Azul" is to be launched in March 2012, according to local press reports. Iranian Ehdas Sanat Company signed a contract with Venezuelan government in 2005 for building the cement firm in the country costing US$198m. The plant was to be inaugurated in 2008, but it was postponed to 2012. Source: ISNA - Tehran