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Benchmarking revisited

14 August 2017, Published under Cement News

Recent years have seen growth in the take-up of benchmarking services provided by Whitehopleman. Some cement plants have participated every year since the service was launched 19 years ago. Benchmarking reports have become part of the cement producers’ annual reporting and provide an opportunity to learn from the best. Whitehopleman uses a five-star approach to benchmarking UK-based Whitehopleman has recently been retained to undertake country-wide cement factory performance ben...

Impact of alternative fuels

27 March 2017, Published under Cement News

It is widely acknowledged that burning alternative fuels in cement kilns has some adverse effect on the kiln’s productivity and thermal energy efficiency. But how much effect? Dr Clark explores via benchmarking. Figure 1: kiln meantime between stops (MTBS) Case studies and the technology around the burning of alternative fuels (AFs) in cement kilns are recurrent topics in International Cement Review and at Cemtech conferences. They have also often been the topic of the...

Benchmarking energy

19 October 2016, Published under Cement News

Benchmarking plant energy performance enables identification of where a plant is positioned vis-a-vis the target performance and how far it must go to improve and achieve enhanced energy savings. In the US the Environmental Protection Agency provides such a benchmark with its ENERGY STAR programme. By Elizabeth Dutrow and Walt Tunnessen, US Environmental Protection Agency, and Bhaskar Dusi, Cemex USA. Figure 1: an ENERGY STAR flag (at the bottom) displayed on a US cement plant T...

It's all about the costs

26 August 2016, Published under Cement News

Dr Clark considers the value of measuring and comparing the costs of making cement as the first step to optimising, ie minimising, those outlays as he discusses cost benchmarking and optimisation. Raw materials can be cheaper to extract with bulldozers The Technical Forum has covered many technical topics related to the production of cement over the years. However, we must always keep in mind that cement-making companies and factories must also be money-making operations to s...

Deep-dive benchmarking

11 June 2015, Published under Cement News

Dr Clark is finally able to talk about his involvement in an innovative project to improve the performance of supplier/service provider to the international cement industry. The real value of deep-dive benchmarking is reflected in the recommendations made on how to change the cement plant’s operations to become better than the competition Around 18 months ago the moderator was involved as a cement industry expert in a “deep-dive” benchmarking project on behalf of a supplier/s...