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LC3 in codes and standards

11 July 2022, Published under Cement News

Reducing the carbon footprint of the concrete industry is a priority in the face of global warming. Limestone calcined clay cements (LC 3 ) provide one of the best options to reduce CO 2 emissions. For optimal implementation, but also to facilitate other low CO 2 solutions, standards that regulate the cement and concrete sector need be adapted quickly. In this article, two main standardisation regions are reviewed in light of the feasibility of adoption and deployment of LC 3 technology. ...

Ensuring the quality of calcined clay cement

04 July 2022, Published under Cement News

While calcined clays are fast becoming a sustainable alternative to reduce carbon emissions, ensuring the quality of calcined clay cement is key to gaining widespread market acceptance. By Prof Fernando Martirena-Hernandez and Dr Roger Almenares-Reyes, Ecosolutions, Switzerland. Figure 1: database for strength following EN-197 protocol 17 Clays are rock, soil or ore composed fundamentally of a clay mineral or a mixture of several types of clay mineral, which vary according to t...