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Limak Cement Group has carbon footprint report independently verified

22 July 2022, Published under Cement News

Limak Cement Group ’s Anka plant broke new ground in the Turkish cement industry and became the first cement factory with a verified carbon footprint report.   The cement factory in Anka , Turkey, has been awarded a certificate as the first cement factory whose 14064-1:2018 carbon footprint report has been verified by Emicert and QSI, which are accredited in the cement industry.

Admixtures and sustainability

28 February 2019, Published under Cement News

With reducing the environmental impact of cement manufacture high on the agenda for producers, sustainable cement additives based on renewable materials can contribute towards reducing a plant’s carbon footprint and lowering costs. By Leslie Buzzell, Alessandro Schibuola & Riccardo Stoppa, GCP Applied Technologies, USA. GCP announces the issuance of a patent for increasing the efficiency of cement grinding by using sustainable raw materials Modern cement producers face numero...

The benefits of paper

12 February 2019, Published under Cement News

A comparative study by the Swedish research institute RISE on behalf of the European Paper Sack Research Group (ESG) has found that the carbon footprint of paper cement sacks is 2.5 times lower than the footprint of form-fill-seal polyethylene bags. By CEPI Eurokraft, Sweden, & Eurosac, France. Paper sacks have a significantly-smaller carbon footprint The study by RISE Innventia, commissioned by the European Paper Sack Research Group (a collaboration between CEPI Eurokraft and E...

New clinkers

11 March 2014, Published under Cement News

The push to reduce CO 2 emissions will impact the way that cement plants are designed and operated in the future. This third article in a series of five explores some of the potential outcomes of the carbon-constrained world and their impacts on the cement industry. By John Kline & Charles Kline, Kline Consulting, USA. Figure 1: polished section of a clinker granule seen under optical microscopy. Alite (C3S) blue crystals, belite (C2S) brown crystals It is widely accepted th...

Reducing the carbon footprint

27 January 2014, Published under Cement News

Suez Cement Group of Companies (SCGC) strives to be at the forefront of industrial efforts to reduce CO2 emissions. Having won prestigious awards in recognition of its pioneering work, the Italcementi subsidiary is embarking on two new CDM projects to replace 14 per cent of traditional fuel usage at its Helwan and Kattameya cement plants. It is also set to benefit from a new windfarm that will meet 40 per cent of the group’s energy needs and contribute to Egypt’s renewable energy drive. By S...

Reducing India's CO2 footprint

19 June 2013, Published under Cement News

India’s rapidly-expanding cement industry can reduce its carbon emissions by nearly half by 2050, according to the technology roadmap published by the International Energy Agency and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. However, reducing the sector’s carbon footprint will require many varied steps and a joint effort by its stakeholders. India’s cement industry can be considered, by some measures, one of the most efficient in the world and it has made great stride...