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Costa Rica: residents seek relief from dust

08 December 2016, Published under Cement News

Residents of Lourdes de Agua Caliente, Cartago, Costa Rica, have spoken out about dust emissions from a nearby Holcim Costa Rica plant. The Ministry of Health visited the plant in question this week, ordering it to control its dust emissions. Reports of dust clouds date back three years and have reportedly been a regular occurrence ever since. A company official from Holcim Costa Rica said the “dust is from primary materials, limestone rock, which doesn’t cause any environmental or health...

Particulate matter in the bag

04 January 2016, Published under Cement News

With air emissions regulations becoming stricter in many parts of the world and policy makers considering the adoption of increasingly tighter legislation, cement producers need to re-evaluate their air pollution control systems to ensure compliance. The latest generation baghouses have proven to limit harmful particulate matter (PM) emissions and seek to address such pollution control concerns. By José Miguel Angolemme, Redecam Group, Italy. The latest-generation baghouses contain fi...

Optimising filter media

28 October 2013, Published under Cement News

As environmental regulations are tightened and pollution control equipment is required to function at higher efficiencies, baghouse performance and maintenance is becoming increasingly important. The operational efficiency of baghouse dust collection systems can be improved by integrating all dust collection system controls. By Vahid Mirsaiidi, FilterSense, USA. Figure 1: B-PAC integrated baghouse control, sensing and diagnostic system At a time when plant managers are looking t...