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Gasification technology for shredded solid waste

21 November 2022, Published under Cement News

More than two years ago Taiheiyo Engineering Corp commercialised technology and equipment for mixing and drying hot meal and sewage sludge with its Taiheiyo Thermal Reactor (TTR®).1,2 A new application of the TTR is now being introduced for gasifying shredded solid waste (SSW) for effective use as calciner fuel.  By Yasushi Yamamoto, Taiheiyo Engineering Corp, Japan. Figure 1: Taiheiyo Thermal Reactor (TRR®) The development of the technology for the gasification of shredded soli...

Raw MSW gasification at Conch Tongling Cement

25 July 2016, Published under Cement News

To enable Conch Tongling Cement to burn a higher rate of alternative fuels, an integrated gasification system was installed and duly tested. The system converts organic or fossil fuel-derived carbonaceous materials into CO, H and CO 2 and without combustion, produces a fuel that can be used in cement production. By Yan Da-Hai, Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences, China, Kåre Helge Karstensen and Christian J Engelsen, Foundation for Scientific and Industrial Research (SINTEF),...