Gasification technology for shredded solid waste

Published 21 November 2022

More than two years ago Taiheiyo Engineering Corp commercialised technology and equipment for mixing and drying hot meal and sewage sludge with its Taiheiyo Thermal Reactor (TTR®).1,2 A new application of the TTR is now being introduced for gasifying shredded solid waste (SSW) for effective use as calciner fuel.  By Yasushi Yamamoto, Taiheiyo Engineering Corp, Japan.

Figure 1: Taiheiyo Thermal Reactor (TRR®)

The development of the technology for the gasification of shredded solid waste (SSW) using the Taiheiyo Thermal Reactor (TTR®) started in October 2020 with an installation for Halla Cement Corp in South Korea, which was completed in April 2021 and is now operational.

The SSW to be gasified is composed of waste plastic and wood chips at a ratio of 7:3 (see Figure 2). The material’s specific gravity is 0.1, moisture content is 20 per cent and calorific value is 20,100kJ/kg. Its size is less than 50mm.

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