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Loma Negra pauses production at L'Amalí plant

26 October 2021, Published under Cement News

Argentina’s Loma Negra has reportedly stopped production at its L'Amalí plant in Olavarría as a result of a union conflict between the Mining Workers Association of Argentina (AOMA) and its limestone supplier, Minerar, leaving it without stock of the raw material. The conflict between AOMA and Minerar is the only cause of the suspension of production. It is expected to have a significant impact if left unresolved as the L'Amalí plant represents 70 per cent of the company’s total productio...

Dinçer Çimento orders two Gebr Pfeiffer mills for Bilecik unit

09 February 2018, Published under Cement News

Dinçer Çimento has ordered a Gebr Pfeiffer MVR 5000 R-4 raw mill and an MPS 250 BK coal mill for its Bilecik plant, Turkey. Featuring a drive power of 3800kW, the MVR 5000 R-4 mill will grind 425tph of raw material to a fineness of 12 per cent R90µm. In addition to the mill, Germany-based Gebr Pfeiffer will supply the cyclone collector, the mill fan and dampers. The MPS 250 BK mill for Bilecik is designed to grind coal at 30tph to a fineness of three per cent R90µm. The contract was aw...

Cement plant cost profiles

24 January 2018, Published under Cement News

Dr Clark has spent most of the last month developing manufacturing cost profiles for cement factories in different geographies of the world. Such profiles help cement producers and traders alike in finding the right location to produce or source cement. Cost profiling across geographies can help cement plant investors help to find the most profitable location to operate a plant There are a number of reasons why profiling the cost of cement factories in different geographies o...

Dealing with natural variation

26 January 2015, Published under Cement News

The variability in deposition environment and the depth of its location in the quarry mean that limestones show significant variation at different places. For the cement producers, this presents challenges to obtain a uniform raw material supply. Stratigraphical variation in the quarry presents challenges to obtain a uniform raw material supply Cement clinker is made primarily from naturally-occurring raw materials, the highest proportion of which is limestone. Most limestones w...