International Cement Review articles tagged under : Manufacturing Technology

10 July 2013 Dr Michael Clark

Cyclic processes

Dr Clark looks at the different gas, dust and compound cycles at work in modern cement kilns.

17 June 2013

Keeping things moving

ITW Krafft and ITW ROCOL stress the importance of lubricating the loose kiln tyre.

10 June 2013

Improving bearing life

NSK Europe look at the factors affecting the service life of bearings and how a longer bearing life can reduce costs.

29 May 2013

Cost versus value

Grace Construction Products demonstrate how customised additives are the way forward for efficient grinding.

Lower NOx & CO design 22 May 2013

Lower NOx & CO design

Cinar Ltd explain how aerodynamics and calciner designs can have an impact on NOx and CO reduction.

14 May 2013 Arthur Harrisson

Which gypsum?

Arthur Harrisson investigates the use of gypsum in cement manufacture and looks at the alternative sources of sulphur that are now available on the market, especially as waste products from other industries.

Meeting future targets 03 May 2013

Meeting future targets

Fives FCB details the success of its ‘Zero NOx-precalciner’ in various locations around the world.

17 April 2013

NESHAP compliance made easy

Scheuch proves how its patented EMC technology is enabling US producers to meet NESHAP requirements.

08 April 2013 Arthur Harrisson

Microscopy & practice

Arthur Harrisson analyses observations of clinker and cement microscopy with reference to kiln burning.

13 March 2013

Illinois' cement keeps flowing

Martin Engineering Inc unblocks Illinois Cement's 80,000t silo storage unit.

06 March 2013

RHI's ANRKAL Q2 solution

RHI describes the benefits of its ANKRAL Q2 refractory for coping with alternative fuels.

27 February 2013

Mills made in China

Sinoma explains the technology behind its TRM vertical roller mills.

20 February 2013

Ternary cements in Iceland

Lacking some of the primary ingredients for cement production, Iceland is a country that pioneered the development of ternary blended cements that have many excellent qualities.

14 February 2013 Arthur Harrisson

Making more of hotmeal

Arthur Harrisson explores whether cement producers could gain more information from hotmeal data.

30 January 2013

Scanning to keep ahead

HGH Infrared Systems outlines how thermal imagery can reduce kiln operating costs.

16 January 2013 Arthur Harrisson

Limestone as MAC

Arthur Harrisson investigates the inclusion of minor amounts of limestone to the manufacturing process to reduce the clinker content and improve the physical and chemical properties of the cement.