International Cement Review articles tagged under : Manufacturing Technology

11 January 2016

Optimisation big and small

Quarry control and fleet management systems are often used by large mining operations but can also offer significant benefits to smaller quarries. Real-time data flow not only enables cement companies to optimise their quarry operations in terms of fleet movement but also other tasks, such as crushing and blasting. By Sylvio Riccó, Sodep, Brazil. Figure 1: automated fleet management sys...

16 November 2015

The modern cooler

Kline Consulting explores the modern-day clinker cooler and how new technology has enabled producers to obtain efficient clinker cooling as well as handling and transport from the kiln.

28 October 2015

Cement grinding considered

Kline Consulting LLC discusses various forms of cement grinding technology available and typical grinding issues.

30 September 2015

Quarry efficiency

Kline Consulting LLC outlines the key factors in efficient quarry excavations and crushing performance.

Monolithic linings 23 September 2015

Monolithic linings

Teplotechna DIS explains the benefits of monolithic linings made of fireclay with silicon carbide.

21 September 2015 Arthur Harrisson

Effects of age and type

Arthur Harrisson investigates the properties of limestone in its different varieties as well as its ability to burn.

Improving process safety 26 August 2015

Improving process safety

The increasing use of alternative fuels is one example of where process safety is brought to the forefront at many cement plants, but hazards related to the storage and transportation of fuels, structural failures of...

29 July 2015

VRM optimisation

Kline Consulting looks in detail at the VRM process, with ways to enhance efficiency and optimise operations.

17 July 2015 Arthur Harrisson

Process impact on clinker

Arthur Harrisson examines clinker nodules to see what microscopic analysis can reveal about clinker formation.

08 July 2015

Slakers and movers

STT Enviro Corp Systems & Solutions recommends optimised lime slaking to reduce costs and CO2.

08 June 2015

Freight fortunes?

Marvel Shipping explains the effect of changing rade balances and higher vessel availability on freight markets.

28 May 2015

Dosing flexibility

FLSmidth Pfister outlines how its rotor weighfeeder enables accurate alternative fuel discharge.

18 May 2015 Arthur Harrisson

How much alite?

Arthur Harrisson discusses the contribution of the alite phase to cement strength after 28 days.

11 May 2015

The new normal

BPI Visqueen tracks the trend for polythene packaging in the cement industry and prepares for future growth.

08 April 2015 Arthur Harrisson

Balancing dusts in the kiln

Arthur Harrisson investigates the circulation of dust during clinker production.

16 March 2015 Arthur Harrisson

Clinker cooling

Arthur Harrisson investigatese clinker formation after the burning zone.