International Cement Review articles tagged under : Manufacturing Technology

25 July 2012

High accuracy fuel dosing

Di Matteo has recently launched its WeighTUBE® product to compete against gravimetric dosing systems.

16 July 2012

Breaking ground on new plants

ICR provides an update on the latest contracts to be awarded for new cement plants and grinding stations across the world and highlights the locations of the biggest projects to be completed both this year and next.

09 July 2012

A victim of success

This year’s winning paper from the IEEE-IAS/PCA Technical Conference focuses on the cement industry’s attempts to reduce CO2 emissions and improvements in energy efficiency.

25 June 2012

Like clockwork

Ad Ligthart reveals the challenges of chartering a self-discharging cement carrier and then sets sail for Panama’s coast and a hydroelectric dam project.

A is for alite 14 September 2012 Arthur Harrisson

A is for alite

Arthur Harrisson takes a microscopic look at the mineral types found in clinker with a special focus on alite.

21 May 2012

LM-Master for VRMs

Loesche announces the launch of its LM-Master for advanced vertical roller mill control.

'Mach 2" for vertical mills 15 May 2012

'Mach 2" for vertical mills

Siemens releases two gear drives for vertical roller mills – the Flender MutipleDrive and the EMPP drive unit.

03 May 2012

MACT compliance: back to basics

Ducon Technologies describes how US cement plants can best ensure that they are MACT compliant.

09 May 2012

XMPP revisited

MaCT reports on XMPP, designed for smart transducers, enabling real-time wireless communication for plants.

09 May 2012

Bypassing challenges

VDZ examines the different types of bypass systems and how best to establish the system's requirements.

19 September 2012 Arthur Harrisson

Using alternative raw materials

Arthur Harrisson investigates the implications of using alternative raw materials in cement manufacture.

18 April 2012

From flue gas to green growth

Lafarge Research Center has pioneered research into the conversion of CO2 flue gas into micro-algae biomass.

26 March 2012

Big coolers, big challenges

IKN describes its recent projects to supply Anhui Conch with high-performance rated Pendulum clinker coolers.

27 February 2012

Resisting refractory wear

Refratechnik Cement reports on the development of its silicon carbine refractories in reducing alkali attack.

31 January 2012

Filters for NESHAP compliance

The implications of the National Emissions Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP) in the USA are far reaching in their targeting to reduce emissions from cement plants to unprecedented lower levels. Filter te...

19 September 2012 Arthur Harrisson

Flame shape and quality

Arthur Harrisson investigates how burning and temperature in various types of kilns has an effect on the clinker produced and discusses different aspects of the burning process such as heating rate, maximum burning te...