International Cement Review articles tagged under : Manufacturing Technology

23 November 2016 Arthur Harrisson

Achieving the target

Arthur Harrisson looks at meeting compliance targets for cement quality and the key parameters that determine high-quality cement.

15 November 2016

Developing AF in Egypt

MVW Lechtenberg reports on the growing availability of MSW and agricultural waste in Egypt and its value to the cement sector.

26 October 2016

Predict and avoid

Sunstate Cement in Australia decides to install FAG SmartCheck vibration control technology from Schaeffler to avoid unnecessary cement mill stops.

13 October 2016

Gaseous fuel firing in lime kilns

FCT Combustion reduces specific energy consumption kiln inlet temperature and emissions with its Gyro-Therm® burner, thanks to increased mixing rates.

Maintaining a smooth run 03 October 2016

Maintaining a smooth run

SKF explains the importance of a lubrication management programme.

28 September 2016 Arthur Harrisson

Loss on ignition

Arthur Harrisson discusses the importance of loss on ignition for raw materials, clinker feed, hotmeal, clinker and cement.

Keeping kilns cool 12 September 2016

Keeping kilns cool

Kima has devised a water-based cooling system called KilnCooler to reduce the impact of hotspots in the kiln.

22 August 2016

Know your raw materials

FLSmidth reports on its activities to supply Semen Gresik's Tuban plant with a new stacker reclaimer and describes the main characteristics of raw materials that such equipment has to tackle

12 August 2016 Arthur Harrisson

Crystal inclusions in Portland cement clinker

Arthur Harrisson looks at the formation and presence of crystal inclusions in Portland cement clinker.

27 July 2016 Arthur Harrisson

Fly ash and slag cements

While cements containing fly ash or GGBS have different strength properties to ordinary Portland cement, they also benefit from improved durability and workability. A key factor in strength development is the provisi...

18 July 2016

Holcim New Zealand’s terminal shift

Holcim (New Zealand) Ltd builds two new terminals.

29 June 2016

Make the leap to the Big Data Cloud

Logimine explores the role of Big Data in better quarry management.

27 June 2016

Elevated savings

Kespry identifies how drones can gather data, leading to cost savings.

21 June 2016

Brazil gives OK to VRM

FLSmidth reports on the success of its OK vertical roller mill in Brazil.

08 June 2016

Well-rounded thinking

Dome Technology has found round vents in its dome structures work best for explosion protection.

30 May 2016

Is your silo due for a check-up?

SSI Consulting checks which silos measure up to the job.