Separation revisited

Published 20 September 2018

Even a high-performing system can be made more efficient, as global plant engineering and construction specialist thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions demonstrates with the sepol® separator. Thanks to technical optimisation, the separator increases the throughput of grinding plants at the same power consumption, thus considerably reducing the energy costs per tonne of cement. By Dr Martin Botsch and Matthias Raus, thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions, Germany.

Figure 1: impact of grinding and separating efficiency on the overall energy efficiency of a grinding plant

As “intelligent decision-makers” within the grinding system, the more than 1000 installed sepol® series separators, engineered by thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions, combine reliable process technology and economic efficiency. However, thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions recently succeeded in significantly improving the performance of its sepol separator. To achieve this, the company’s engineers took a holistic view of the energy efficiency (ie grinding and separating efficiency) and throughput of the complete grinding system, which is shown in principle in Figure 1. The advanced separator demonstrably reduces energy costs and thus the costs per tonne of cement. A series of case studies on new and upgraded sepol separators from the recent past stand as proof.

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