Continuous flue gas monitoring

Published 12 September 2012

Stricter emission legislation has increased the need for continuous emission monitoring. For cement producers, the high-temperature and high-dust environment in the kiln has presented various challenges in meeting this requirement. However, Spenner Zement Co of Erwitte, Germany, called in the help of Enotec to provide the solution to this particular problem. By Enotec, Germany.

Designed specifically for the cement industry and featuring

water cooling, a rotating device and automatic cleaning, the

Cemtec analysers enables continuous monitoring of kiln gases

German industry produces 80Mt of carbon dioxide each year with 37 per cent of the total originating in cement and lime production facilities, according to the European Oeko-Institute eV. The aim to reduce these emissions in the long term brings these manufacturers under increasing pressure as despite stricter emission laws, production has to remain as efficient as possible. A common method to help achieve this efficiency is flue gas measurement, which not only determines the amount of CO2, but also the concentration of residual oxygen and unburned molecules. However, continuous measurements have so far been possible only to a limited extent as often the probes are not able to withstand high temperatures and high dust concentrations and require manual cleaning after each measurement.

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