Yamama filter conversion

Published 13 February 2013

Scheuch is stretching its capabilities to provide cement producers with more efficient dedusting filter systems. Its new 10m Energy Minimising Concept (EMC) filters and PulseMaster control device are designed to offer low-pressure/low-volume cleaning of production gases. With easy maintenance and fast installation the system is proving a hit. By Ruggero Baldi and Alois Hermandinger, Scheuch GmbH, Austria.

The new bypass filter at Yamama Saudi Cement Co in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

In two separate cement plant installations, Scheuch GmbH has now introduced its new EMC filtration system with its special 10m filter bags to modernise dust collecting performance. The first project was at Holcim AG in Lägerdorf, Germany, and its latest success was at Yamama Saudi Cement Company in Saudi Arabia. The main advantages of this revolutionary technology are its high flexibility in turnkey projects and short shutdown times that enable companies like Yamama Cement to make profits while improving their environmental performance.

“With the conversion and new construction project at Yamama Cement in Riyadh, Scheuch proves its high competence in filtration technology once more and shows how EMC meets the technical challenges of cement factories in the best possible way,” emphasises Alois Hermandinger, Scheuch’s general manager industrial minerals.

3D graphic of Scheuch's project

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