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Zimbabwe: clinker loading to be upgraded at PPC's Colleen Bawn plant

19 October 2016, Published under Cement News

ELB Engineering Services Africa (ELB) has been entered into a contract with PPC Zimbabwe to upgrade its Colleen Bawn plant's clinker loading in Zimbabwe by reducing airborne dust volumes. ELB’s scope of supply for this project includes the design, procurement, delivery, installation and management of a complete clinker loading upgrade project. The focus of the upgrade will be environmental management to eliminate the excessively high dust volumes generated during the process of loading rail...

Tourah’s bag filter switch

04 November 2015, Published under Cement News

The installation of correct dedusting equipment can greatly improve the operation of a cement plant, particularly after a change in production technology. Following a wet- to dry-process conversion at Suez Cement Co’s Tourah cement works in Egypt, the Italcementi group company replaced its ESPs with bag filters, leading to energy savings and longer filter service life. By OYK Consultants, Egypt. Suez Cement Group (Italcementi) replaced its ESP with a new bag filter at the Tourah cemen...

New contract for Boldrocchi Ecologia in Egypt

17 April 2015, Published under Cement News

Boldrocchi Ecologia has signed a new contract with Tourah Portland Cement, a subsidiary of Suez Cement Group of Companies (SCGC), for revamping of the whole Line #9 de-dusting units at the Tourah plant in Cairo. The turnkey contract includes new kiln and raw mill bag filters, bypass bag filter, clinker cooler heat exchanger and bag filter with new exhaust fans. Installation, commissioning and start-up is expected to take place during the August 2016 kiln shutdown. Boldrocchi has also ...

New-look Lloseta

25 February 2015, Published under Cement News

Cemex’s Lloseta plant in Mallorca, Spain, has recently completed a EUR16m investment with a range of initiatives that have lowered the plant’s environmental and visual impact. Moreover, through the increased utilisation of alternative fuels, Lloseta’s fuel substitution rate has risen substantially over the course of the programme, helping to achieve considerable CO 2 savings. By Cemex, Spain. To improve the visual impact of the plant, more than a hundred trees were planted and t...

Boldrocchi completes new de-dusting project in Egypt

13 January 2015, Published under Cement News

Boldrocchi Ecologia has successfully completed commissioning and start-up of new air pollution control equipment for Line 1 of Suez Cement's Sokhna plant in Egypt. Mechanical installation was completed in October 2014 and after three months of running since the first start-up, test reports show dust emission levels of <5mg/m3.  The commissioned de-dusting line consists of a kiln and raw mill baghouse filter, clinker cooler heat exchanger and bag filters all withnew exhaust fans. The ...

Yamama filter conversion

13 February 2013, Published under Cement News

Scheuch is stretching its capabilities to provide cement producers with more efficient dedusting filter systems. Its new 10m Energy Minimising Concept (EMC) filters and PulseMaster control device are designed to offer low-pressure/low-volume cleaning of production gases. With easy maintenance and fast installation the system is proving a hit. By Ruggero Baldi and Alois Hermandinger, Scheuch GmbH, Austria. The new bypass filter at Yamama Saudi Cement Co in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia In...