Kiln shell success

Published 24 July 2013

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A kiln shell replacement project, large or small, needs to be given the respect and importance it merits. While there are many variables to be considered in bringing the project to a successful completion, the choice of a technical expert is a key requirement. Stefano Ianniello of Bridge Gap Ltd explains why.

The limited space available placed special demands on the crane and kiln shell support frames used

Simply finding an experienced contractor who has performed these jobs before is not enough, as each installation provides unique challenges and obstacles that could spell the difference between success and failure. Consider finding a technical expert, one who has only the plant’s best interests at heart and is there to deliver a safe and flawless installation worthy of the project’s financial burden.

The following case study illustrates some of the trials encountered during a kiln shell replacement project. It is not a step-by-step procedural analysis of kiln shell replacement. The study illustrates some of the challenges encountered and why adding another level of support and expertise to these projects can be the added value that pays dividends in the end.

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