Christian Pfeiffer celebrates 90th anniversary

Published 21 May 2015

Beckum-based Christian Pfeiffer celebrated its 90th anniversary on 24 April 2015 with over 200 customers, business partners and employees from 31 countries attending the event. Managing directors Heinrich Obernhuber and Erich Pichlmaier emphasised that Christian Pfeiffer Beckum (CPB) has become a leading worldwide supplier of mill systems for the cement, coal and minerals industries.

Guests arrive at Beckum to celebrate Christian Pfeiffer's 90th anniversary

Over 200 guests celebrate Christian Pfeiffer's

90th anniversary in Beckum, Germany

On arrival at the company's grounds in the Sudhoferweg district of Beckum, Germany, guests were invited into a huge dome tent, inside which the party was held. Here the company celebrated in particular its employees' team spirit and innovation.

Significant milestones spanning CPB's nine decades were depicted via a 360˚ projection beamed onto the dome's exterior, captivating guests with a spectacular light and sound show.

Since its early beginnings in the 1930 with the company’s first patented mill diaphragms and the subsequent production of air separators from 1939 (Heyd separators), CPB quickly became a leading component manufacturer. Its international reach is now seen in its manufacture and installation of more than 6000 mill diaphragms, 900 separators and 50 complete mills worldwide.