Iraq: an uncertain future

Published 13 July 2015

As Iraq rebuilds its society and economy, considerable opportunities exist for the country’s cement industry. There is considerable market potential as Iraq requires infrastructural and housing development However, its future is not free from challenges and political stability is just one of the key requisites for its continued development.

Iraq is rebuilding its infrastructure and housing, creating significant cement demand

Elections in September 2014 saw the Shia-dominated government of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki replaced with a more broad-based government led by Haider Al-Abad and which includes Sunni Arabs and Kurds. But Iraq’s future is uncertain as the government remains weak and ISIS controls nearly one-third of the country. However, if the new Iraqi government is successful in restoring political stability, then the pay-off could be great as Iraq offers considerable growth potential, both in terms of the domestic economy as well as the local cement industry.

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