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Pakistan's cement production grows 10% in 6MFY17-18

19 February 2018, Published under Cement News

The latest data on Pakistan's Large Scale Manufacturing Sector (LSMS), released by the Federal Bureau of Statistics, shows overall growth of 5.5 per cent during the first six months ie, July-Dec 2017 compared with the same period of last year.  The government and industry officials' attribute the growth in the overall manufacturing sector largely to an increase in local demand of products including cement, which is growing on the back of strong domestic dispatches. According...

Indian cement sees growth in industrial production table

15 February 2018, Published under Cement News

The Indian cement industry shows recovery in production during the current financial year contrary to last financial year. According to the Indian Economic Survey 2017-18, which tracks output of the country's eight core industries, the domestic cement sector saw a production growth of 0.6 per cent during the period April-November 2017-18. This compares to -1.2 per cent in FY16-17 (April-March) after recording a growth of 4.6 per cent in FY15-16. The eight core infrastructure supportive ...

Pakistan cement industry records highest capacity utilisation in 7MFY17-18

06 February 2018, Published under Cement News

The capacity utilisation of the Pakistani cement industry during the first seven months of this fiscal reached 91.3 per cent, the highest since 2004-05, according to the All Pakistan Cement Manufacturers’ Association (APCMA). The association also released data for January 2017, when total cement dispatches of 4.084Mt included 3.737Mt of domestic consumption with the balance being exported. During the first seven months of current fiscal the cement industry dispatched 26.327Mt against 22.90...

US market continues to improve in 2017

05 February 2018, Published under Cement News

Cement sales in the US increased modestly in 2017 with a value of around US$12.4bn and an apparent consumption of 96.8Mt, up from 94.2Mt in 2016, according to the US Geological Survey (USGS). Production of Portland cement in the US edged up to 85.9Mt in 2017 from 84.5Mt the previous year, but output of masonry cement remained level. Cement was produced at 98 cement works in 34 states plus two plants in Puerto Rico. To meet domestic market requirements, the US imported around 12Mt of c...

Colombia cement consumption slips 1% YoY in 2017

02 February 2018, Published under Cement News

In full-year 2017 the Colombian cement market contracted by 1 per cent to 11.983Mt. The trend has been attributed to a 4.9 per cent fall in offtake from concrete companies.  Dispatches of grey cement in Colombia decreased by 5.8 per cent to 948,300t in December 2017 when compared with the previous year, according to DANE, the country’s statistics office. Grey cement production in December 2017 fell 7.1 per cent YoY to 1.020Mt. In terms of departments, Casanare was most affected by the ...

Ghana's cement manufacturers suggest policy to consume surplus

26 January 2018, Published under Cement News

Cement companies in Ghana have appealed to the government to act upon a policy that would ensure all future roads in the country are constructed out of concrete, reports Modern Ghana. A member of the Cement Monitoring Committee (CMC) stated that President Akufo Addo had mentioned the possibility of such a scheme in the past. Manufacturers insist that the proposal would help the country consume the surplus cement that the country is generating. Figures from the CMC show that Ghana consumes...

Gabon sees 6% market contraction

26 January 2018, Published under Cement News

Cement sales in Gabon reached 245,530t, a drop of 5.5 per cent YoY by the end of September 2017. The volume represents a revenue of XAF18.18bn (US$34.4m), down 9.9 per cent, according to the Ministry of Economy and Fiscal Policy. Output during this period stood at 250,058t, a decrease of 5.7 per cent following the stoppage of the Cimgabon plant and strong imports from China. However, the third quarter saw a robust increase in production when compared with the first half of the year after ...

Lipetskcement produces 0.684Mt of cement

26 January 2018, Published under Cement News

Lipetskcement, part of the Eurocement Group, produced 684,000t of cement in 2017, representing a rise of 6.8 per cent YoY, and 600,000t of clinker, a YoY increase of 16.1 per cent. Bagged cement output grew by 2.7 per cent YoY to 160,500t. CEM I 42.5N high-quality cement accounted for 478,500t , an increase of 17.5 per cent when compared with 2016. The company’s cement sales advanced by 2.4 per cent YoY to 667,500t with more than 400,000t delivered by road, an increase of 13 per cent ...

Ukraine cement output rises to 9.3Mt in 2017

26 January 2018, Published under Cement News

Ukraine’s cement producers increase their production by 2.3 per cent YoY to 9.307Mt in 2017, according to the country’s State Statistics Service. In December output reached 0.46Mt, representing a fall of 1.4 per cent YoY and 37.8 per cent MoM. Cement production in 2016 stood at 9.096Mt, up 7.1 per cent when compared with 2015, according to the Ukrainian News Agency.

Voronezh Cement increases dispatches by 5%

25 January 2018, Published under Cement News

Eurocement-owned Voronezh Cement saw a five per cent YoY advance in its shipments to customers in 2017. Dispatches rose to 1.8Mt by the end of the year. The company increased its cement output by five per cent to 1.808Mt while its clinker production rose by 10 per cent to 1.717Mt when compared with the company’s production figures in 2016.