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Azerbaijani cement production up by 23% in January

21 February 2024, Published under Cement News

Azerbaijan increased its cement production by 23.2 per cent YoY to 251,600t in January 2024, according to the State Statistics Committee. However, clinker production slipped 1.8 per cent YoY to 345,800t in the first month of the year. The committee also reported a 35 per cent YoY increase in prefabricated concrete structures to 2700m3 and ready-mix concrete saw 21.8 per cent increase to 338.3Mt. Building glass production rose to 828,700m2, a more than 11-fold increase. However, asphalt p...

Peruvian market expands 9% in January

19 February 2024, Published under Cement News

Cement dispatches in Peru increased nine per cent to 1.016Mt in January 2024 when compared with 0.928Mt in January 2023, according to the Peruvian cement association, ASOCEM. Of this total, 0.938Mt was supplied by ASOCEM members. Cement production slipped one per cent YoY to 0.924Mt in January 2024 from 0.931Mt. Clinker production was down 12 per cent YoY to 0.857Mt in January from 0.969Mt. Cement exports fell by 31 per cent YoY to 10,000t in January 2024 from 15,000t while clinker expor...

US and Puerto Rican market expands 3% in November

15 February 2024, Published under Cement News

Total cement dispatches of Portland and blended cement in the USA and Puerto Rico, including imports, picked up by 2.6 per cent YoY to 8.7Mt in November 2023, according to the US Geological Survey (USGS). Of the total blended volume reported, 4.8Mt, or 99 per cent, was estimated to be Portland limestone cement. The leading markets in the US were Texas, California, Florida, Ohio and Georgia. The leading producing states for Portland and blended cement were Teas, Missouri, California, Florida ...

Lebap Cement exceeds 1Mt production in 2023

15 February 2024, Published under Cement News

The Lebap cement plant in Turkmenistan produced more than 1Mt of cement of various grades last year. About 107,500t of cement were sent to neighbouring Uzbekistan last year, reports Turkmenportal. The plant’s specialists are optimistic about the future, planning to increase product production along with improving its quality indicators.

Argentina's cement consumption declines 20% in January

12 February 2024, Published under Cement News

Cement demand in Argentina saw a 19.9 per cent drop to 767,297t in January 2024 when compared with 958,230t in January 2023, according to the country's cement association, AFCP. Argentinian demand was entirely met by domestic production, which saw a 20 per cent decline to 772,874t in January 2024 from 965,633t in January 2023. Local producers also exported 6036t of cement, an 18.5 per cent decrease from 7404t in January 2023.

Puerto Rico’s cement market expands 8% in January

08 February 2024, Published under Cement News

Puerto Rican cement sales increased 7.7 per cent to 539,034t (1.189m bags of 42.5kg) in January 2024 from 500,286t (1.103m bags) in January 2023, according to the Puerto Rican statistics agency. However, domestic production fell by 14.4 per cent YoY to 291,770t (643,352 bags) in January 2024 from 340,739t (751,329 bags). Domestic consumption 6,670,252t, or 14.708m bags, in 2023, representing a 1.3 per cent increase when compared with 2022, when demand stood at 6,586,678t (14.524m bags) acco...

Colombian cement dispatches fall to 12.9Mt in 2023

07 February 2024, Published under Cement News

Cement dispatches in Colombia slipped by 2.6 per cent to 1.093Mt in December 2023 from 1.122Mt in December 2022, according to the country’s statistics agency, DANE. Of this total, bulk deliveries declined by 5.2 per cent while bagged cement dispatches were down 1.4 per cent. While retail sales increased 2.5 per cent YoY in December 2023, ready-mix concrete companies and the construction and contractor segment reduced their off take by eight and 11.9 per cent, respectively. Output from do...

Morocco: better times ahead?

05 February 2024, Published under Cement News

Following a challenging business environment in 2022, Moroccan cement producers can look forward to better times. However, overcapacity will see producers look beyond the country’s borders as they develop export markets to sell production surpluses. Economic growth is set to resume as Morocco recovers after the COVID-19 pandemic (© ©  J.K2507) Morocco’s economic growth fell by 7.2 per cent YoY in 2020 but recovered the following year, when GDP expanded by eight per cent. In 2022...

Italian cement production expands 10% in November

02 February 2024, Published under Cement News

Cement output in Italy increased by 10 per cent YoY in November 2023, according to the Italian concrete association, Federbeton. However, when compared with the 2015-baseline index of 100, output declined to 92. The country imported 191,707t of grey cement in October 2023, up 13 per cent YoY, with a total CIF value of EUR16.584m, or EUR87/t. Grey exports advanced by 22 per cent YoY in October 2023 to 143,105tt, with a total FOB value of EUR14.468m, or EUR101/t. Year-to-date 2023 In the ...

Azerbaijan cement production up 5% in 2023

29 January 2024, Published under Cement News

Azerbaijani cement companies produced 3.725Mt of cement in 2023, up 4.6 per cent YoY, according to the State Statistics Committee. Clinker output reached 3.869Mt, representing a YoY increase of 36.9 per cent. The country's cement production base consists of four cement producers, each operating a single integrated plant. Norm Cement operates the largest cement works, a 2.1Mta unit at Qizildas , followed by Holcim Azerbaijan with its 1.7Mta plant at Qaradag and Kazakh Cement Plant LL...