Modern trainspotting

Published 15 April 2016

Tagged Under: distribution transport rail 

While many railway enthusiasts enjoy the sighting and recording of trains, ie trainspotting, as a hobby, cement producers have a commercial interest in tracking and scheduling their rolling stock. Latest advances in software technology are playing an increasing role in all aspects of railway bulk materials distribution, helping to keep deliveries on track. By Thomas Bergmans & Dirk Schlemper, INFORM GmbH, Germany.

Keeping track of rolling stock is essential for cement producers as they look

to optimise their cement dispatches and profits

Information technology has hit the road: GPS, telematics, tracking and tracing, smart routing, etc, have become an integral part of bulk material distribution by truck. Many cement producers combine real-time data insights into their logistics planning software to find the right balance between transportation costs and customer service level.

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